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Win His Love Back

My boyfriend and I recently broke up. It's been about a week and I am still in love with him and everytime I see another guy or think of dating someone else the break up hurts more. We dated for 7 months and he suddenly lost interest in me. Do you have any ideas that could help me win his love back? 

Peta replies:
I am afraid I don't have any advice to you on how to win back his love. Dating is the process we go through to find someone special that we want to spend time with. It seems that your ex has decided that you are not for him.

It is far too soon for you to expect to be over this guy. It is also natural when someone leaves you to feel pain and detachment and to long for the good feelings you used to get when he was around. I am wondering what his reason was for not wanting to continue. If you knew that it might help you to move on.

It may be painful for you to accept this and your feelings of missing him and wanting him back are perfectly normal. It is also perfectly normal for you to not be interested in anyone else right now. You need time to get over the loss of your love.

It might help to sit down and write out a list of what qualities you really want in your true love and remember to include 'someone who likes me as much as I like him!'' 

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